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ORLY Breathable Fall/Holiday 2021 "Bejeweled"

"Step into the spotlight as the starring role in your own life and watch shimmers inspired by glittering emeralds, topazes, and garnets sparkle on your fingertips as you envelop your everyday routine in a veil of bejeweled fantasy."

ORLY Breathable "Bejeweled" collection is:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made In USA
  • Formulated Without Harmful Ingredients
  • One-Step, No Basecoat Or Topcoat Required

There are six gorgeous colors to choose from:

1. Do A Beryl Roll:

"Add a hint of luxury with this emerald green shimmer that will elevate any look."
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2. You're On Sapphire:

"There’s no denying that You’re on Sapphire with this cobalt blue shimmer, own that main character energy."
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3. Alexandrite By You:

"No hiding here, this bright violet shimmer is the perfect statement for your next special event or just to elevate your weekly manicure."
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4. Don't Take Me For Garnet:

"Don’t take this rich deep plum shimmer for garnet, it’s a staple color with a touch of luxury."
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5. This Took A Tourmaline:

"Take a turn from the season’s shimmer shades with this deep fuchsia creme that is every bit as luxurious as its sparkling counterparts."
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6. Over The Topaz:

"Step into the spotlight and go Over the Topaz with this bronze rose shimmer. A stunning shade for a look that will make you feel like a million bucks."
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