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ESSIE Nail Polish FEEL THE FIZZLE Spring 2023 Collection

This season, the focus is on immersive experiences that engage all your senses and bring colors to life. Embrace ultimate self-care and fully immerse yourself in the "you-niverse" with the latest Essie limited edition spring 2023 collection. Featuring six salon-quality, 8-free, and vegan* nail polishes, these shades will uplift your mood and inspire a positive state of mind. Get ready to indulge in a multisensory journey and feel the fizz with Essie's new collection.

Behold, the exquisite Essie limited edition spring 2023 collection boasts a sensational array of six captivating hues. Within its illustrious assortment, one may find a panoply of vibrant and lustrous shades that are truly awe-inspiring.

Ride the Soundwave:

Let us present to you an enchanting milky sky blue nail polish, infused with crimson undertones, that embodies the essence of harmony and elation. This beguiling shade shall imbue you with a profound sense of equanimity, enabling you to embrace life's currents with ease and grace.


Feel the Fizzle:

Indulge yourself in the present moment and behold the stunning glory of this vivacious light pink nail lacquer, adorned with opulent blue and pink pearls that confer it a multi-dimensional allure. Relish the breathtaking radiance of this scintillating shade and allow it to transport you to a realm of unbridled joy and delight.
Don't Burst My Bubble:

Be advised that the "Do Not Disturb" mode has been engaged. We implore you to recline and unwind, while allowing your imagination to ascend to new heights, buoyed by the mesmerizing aura of this periwinkle purple nail varnish, imbued with a tantalizing hint of blue undertones.


In the You-niverse:

The art of self-care demands that you dedicate some precious moments solely to yourself. I urge you to embrace a state of tranquility, as you surrender to the calming influence of this milky, luminous taffy pink nail enamel, subtly enhanced with serene blue undertones. Allow yourself to drift into a serene sanctuary of peace, quiet, and solace.


It's High Time:

We beseech you to close your eyes and draw a deep breath, as you prepare to welcome a torrent of positivity and buoyancy. Let the ebullient waves of good energy wash over you, while you bask in the glow of this sublime mid-tone mint green nail varnish, endowed with a delicate hint of blue undertones. Release all tensions and anxieties and savor the delightful sensations of inner harmony and contentment.


You're Scent-sational:

As your self-care regimen unfolds, you bask in a sensation of pure delight and rejuvenation. Your hands are adorned with a sophisticated muted chartreuse yellow nail lacquer, enlivened by a verdant hint of green undertones. Revel in the euphoria of the moment, as you luxuriate in a state of utter relaxation and inner harmony.




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