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China Glaze Nail Lacquer HAVANA NIGHT Summer 2021 Collection

Heed Havana's colorful call with six nightlife-ready neon hues that'll take you
from mingling over mojitos to salsa dancing on the streets. Havana has inspired many trends with their vibrant florals, expressive color, flamboyant cultural night life. Color your nails with the same intensity as a night out in Havana. This collection is available in 6 shades with finishes-from shimmer to trendy neons.

1. Head To Moji-Toes

Cheers, chica! This turquoise neon keeps up with you as you conga your way through cobblestone streets.


2. Tropic Like It's Hot

Come alive at night with this yellow-green neon that's as hot as a summer in Havana.


3. Guava Mama

A freshly picked pop of neon pink gives you enough juice to keep the playa party going all night.


4. Left My Heart In Havana

Just like Cuba, this charming purple neon will captivate your spirit for years to come.


5. Cuba Diving

Midnight swim anyone? Dip into this light blue neon to find a little relief from the Havana heat.


6. Takes Two To Mango

Savor every hip shake and shoulder shimmy when you dance the night away in this orange shimmer. 

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