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How To Use And Apply Control Gel In 4 Steps

What is Control Gel?:

ibd Control Gel is an LED/UV gel that is made up of a proprietary blend of ingredients that make Control Gel unique. Control Gel is fast and easy to use  in that it cures on command, is lightly self-leveling, and is soft and pliable  upon application which makes it easy to control. Control Gel is very lightweight and odorless and when filing, it produces less airborne dust than acrylics and traditional hard gels. Control Gel saves you time per client because it is easy  and fast to build out a set of nails, it takes 30 minutes for a full overlay set (60 minutes for pink and white) and you can get 25-30 full sets out of one tube, which makes it economical.

Control Gel Chemistry:

ibd Control Gel, like acrylics, are plastic polymers that are made up of molecules that repeat themselves in a chain. When the molecules polymerize or link up (cross link) they form longer chains of the molecule. When the molecules polymerize, they become a plastic. LED & UV gels use light energy in curing with photo-initiators and LED & UV lights rather than heat energy to polymerize.

There is a chemical catalyst in the powder that makes the powder and liquid polymerize into plastic acrylic when they are mixed together. The monomer is the component of acrylics that evaporates and creates an odor in the air. All ibd gels, including Control Gel, are similar in their chemistry differing mainly in color, pigment, and consistency. LED & UV gels contain an oligomer, acrylic ester monomer, photo-initiator, and in some formulas, pigments. The oligomer and monomer in the gel polymerize cure, or become plastic, when the photo-initiator is exposed to LED or UV light. The photo-initiator performs the same function as the chemical catalyst in the acrylic. ibd Control Gel does not contain formaldehyde or toluene for increased adhesion.

When gels cure under LED or UV light, oxygen inhibits the curing of the gel surface, leaving a tacky residue. This is called the inhibition layer and can be removed using various ibd Gel Cleansers. Control Gel produces  a very light inhibition layer

Oligomer: The oligomer (a partially polymerized polymer or a few molecules of gel already linked together) is the backbone of the gel that determines its strength, toughness, flexibility, shine, and scratch-resistance. The oligomer used in ibd gel is highly cross-linked making it tougher and harder with more shine.

Monomer: The monomer affects the cure time, shine, and application characteristics of the gel. Some monomers can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. ibd gels have a non-irritating ethyl based monomer that also contributes to the shine The monomer, along with silica and acrylic esters, is used to adjust the viscosity of each gel.

Photo-Initiator: The photo-initiator performs the same function as the chemical catalyst in the acrylic. The photo-initiator used in the ibd gels is very efficient and reacts with the lower viscosity gels to eliminate spiking or heat.

Odor: ibd gels are odor free due to the ethyl reaction having already taken place during the mixing development phase.

Yellowing: ibd gels do not yellow and have a low percentage of photo-initiators. Yellowing is usually caused by a high percentage of photo-initiator.

Shine: ibd gels that are properly applied have a brilliant and long lasting shine. Most chemicals, even acetone, will not dull gels.

Skin Irritation: ibd gels are not formulated with any ingredients that tend to cause allergic reactions or skin irritation, such as acids or related chemicals.

Shelf Life: ibd gels are chemically stable with a shelf life of 3 years. Store ibd gels away from direct sunlight and LED/UV lamps

Four Easy Steps For Perfect Application:

Step 1 - Control Dispensing:

Using the ibd Spatula allows you to quickly and easily squeeze the ready to use, premixed formula from the bottle.


Step 2 - Control Application:

Apply the stay-put formula to the nail. Then, pat and shape into place. It’ll only move when you need it to be moved.


Step 3 - Control Leveling:

The formula is only slightly self-leveling, which means it helps you get control of difficult areas.


Step 4 - Control Complexity: 

Say goodbye to racing against the clock before a solution sets. Control Gel will cure on command and allow you to achieve the desired effect for up to 2 minutes. After achieving the desired look, apply ibd Intense Seal.

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